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Top 10 Benefits of LED Fixtures and Lamps

By Dave Arkell

May 10, 2016

Do you want to save money, while decreasing your carbon footprint? There are many benefits to converting to LED Fixtures and Lamps, so we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 for you.

10. Powered By Extra Low Voltage

Solar panels and batteries are adequate power sources for many types of LED’s. Great for camping and other outdoor uses. They are a great way to utilize renewable energies.

9. Instant On and Frequent Switching

Other types of lighting take time to warm up and get to full illumination. LED’s come on immediately once turned on. They can be turned on and off repeatedly without impacting the life span.

8. Light Concentration

LED’s can be designed to focus light where it is needed without an external reflector. this can be useful when the goal is to illuminate a specific area or object.

7. Hot or Cold Environments

Extremely hot or cold temperatures have little affect on LED’s. Compact fluorescent lamps may not work well in cold temperatures. This feature gives LED’s the upper hand.

6. Creative Designs

Interior designers love LED fixtures because of their unlimited potential for interesting arrangements and shapes. Lighting layouts are left to the imagination, creating fantastic lighting effects. Dimming, colour changes and controls can really give a space the WOW effect.

5. Limited Infrared and UV light

Limited heat transmission and insignificant ultraviolet radiation makes LED safe for almost any environment.

4. Suitable For Rough Use

LED lamps are made very sturdy and can handle most types of rough use. Good for use in construction and outdoor conditions.

3. Recyclable

LED lights are 100% recyclable and contain no environmentally harmful materials.

2. Energy Consumption

LED lighting uses less power to supply the same amount of light to a room. When comparing how much energy is converted into light versus traditional incandescent lamps, LED’s are far superior. Less energy is converted into heat which increases the efficiency.

1. Life Span

LED lights have the best life span of all types of commercially available lighting. They can last up to an astounding 100,000 hours. That is up to 11 years of use if you left he lamps on 24 hours a day. Now, if you left them on for just 12 hours a day, they would be good for 22 years. This is much better than having to change incandescent light bulbs every year or more.

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David Arkell was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. As an active traveller, home owner, and family man, Knightwind Owner and Professional Electrical Contractor David Arkell, understands the concerns you have in keeping your home safe, comfortable, and updated at reasonable costs.

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