Residential Electrician in Calgary

Residential Electrician

We are a specialized Residential Electrician Service in Calgary! 

We are fully licensed and insured Residential Electrician in Calgary. It is also our task to ensure that every customer is satisfied by offering a 100% guarantee of our work. No matter the job, large or small, our professionals will take care of it for you. By adding a modern vibe into your living or working space, one goal is to boost the value of your home. We can provide you with advice on how to install lighting fixtures that will save more energy. Or dimmer switches to make your home or place of business more energy saving. Making sure that you and your family are secure in your home is a further goal. To do this, we make sure that all of your equipment, including smoke alarms, is current and working properly. We provide expert advice and workmanship.

Upgrade, enlighten and enrich your home.

Are you looking to upgrade, enlighten or enrich your home?  We have the tools and expertise to do just that.  

Upgrading your home to comply with current code rules will make your home safer and more energy efficient.  Older homes simply do not have enough wiring for today’s needs.  Your breaker panel may be too small and cannot fit any upgrades you are planning to do.  The Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta recommends that breaker panels be replaced after 30 years, due to potential component damage

It is simple to brighten up the various rooms in your house that might require it. You are looking for LED lighting technology. Do you need a new light for reading or fun time in your living room, bedroom, or basement? In your kitchen, bathroom, or walk-in closet, how about undercabinet lighting? There are countless options. 

We have over 30 years of experience as a Residential Electricians in Calgary area.  David Arkell, our owner has obtained a Certified Master Electrician Certificate in the Province of Alberta. He is also a City of Calgary Qualified Tradesman. As a company, we provide high quality service in Calgary and surrounding areas. If you have any job for us in Calgary or the surrounding area, Fill out our Free Residential Work Request / Consultation here on our website.  

How to Choose a Residential Electrician for your needs?

Before you pick and call certain electrician companies to do your residential electricity work, 
there are few factors that you might want to check.  

  • Reliability. You want to make sure that the company you hire is performing consistently well. 
  • Testimonials. Testimonials are there to give you a feel for the experiences of people who have used the services. 
  • Practical experience. The residential electrical expert you select should have a lot of expertise working in people's homes. 
  • Quality. You want your electrical work to be done correctly ensuring your home is safe while using electricity or electrical appliances.  
  • License or certificate. It's crucial to double-check an electrician's credentials before employing them. 

Residential Electrician for Renovations

residential electrical services

Whether your upgrades involves the entire house or simply one room, the electrical system is a crucial component. A project is not complete without secure, reliable, and high  quality electrical installations. It is also important to have the correct wiring. We can help you with everything from lighting and ceiling fans to whole-house electrical upgrades and wiring.

Residential Electrician Services

Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical Safety Inspections

To make sure they are in good enough shape to keep being used, all systems should undergo routine inspections and testing. These kinds of safety checkups are referred to as "periodic inspection and testing." For your house, we perform electrical safety checks.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades 

Panels require replacement every few decades. You'll almost certainly need to renovate an older property. We choose the new panel's size and the number of circuits it will have. Until your panel is improved or replaced. We will coordinate every aspect of the work until your panel is improved or replaced.

Outlet Repairs

Outlet Repairs

Adjusting connections and installing new receptacles are two common outlet repairs. We can either repair or replace your outlets.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Service Relocation

You may be planning to renovate your house or you may have acquired a property that has been modified in the past and now requires the relocation of the electrical system. We provide our service for system relocation. 

Security Camera

Smart Home Features/Upgrades 

You may be planning a home renovation or you may have purchased a property that has previously been changed and now requires the relocation of the electrical system. We can help you and relocate systems for you.

Aluminum Wiring Solutions & Repair

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wiring replacement does not necessitate rewiring the entire house. Frequently, the answer consists of a few simple fixes at the source of the problem. We replace aluminum receptacles, correct gaps and weakened connections, and secure copper and aluminum wiring. We also inspect connections and panels for the proper use and prevent hotspots caused by overheating aluminum wire.

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors 

Smoke detectors should be installed in all homes. And carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in any home that has fuel-burning equipment, such as a furnace, water heater, range, cooktop, or grill. We install them in your home and, if necessary, repair them.

Residential Electrical Repairs

Electrical Repairs & Troubleshooting 

We analyze malfunctioning internal circuits and take all required procedures to repair and maintain your electrical systems to determine what is wrong with them.

Home Automation

Home Automation 

One of the most important advantages of home automation is that it protects your property. A home automation system will monitor and/or regulate lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, and appliances. Access control and alarm systems are examples of home security systems that may be incorporated. We create home automation systems.

Kitchen Lighting Electrical Service

Kitchen Lighting

Ambient lighting should be positioned in the centre of the kitchen as a general rule. To accomplish this, install recessed or flush mount kitchen ceiling lights. If you have an island, consider pendant lighting. We offer the installation and repair of kitchen lights.

Lighting Additions & Upgrades

Lighting Additions & Upgrades 

Because of significant developments in lighting technology, upgrades to modern lighting systems are among the most cost-effective. Lighting system changes can range in complexity from replacing particular components to relighting or rebuilding entire rooms. These renovations are performed in your home by us.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters 

When a plugged-in object comes into contact with water or other forms of moisture, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are designed to cut power immediately. We install them or replace them as needed in your home.

Keep your home safe

 We need to emphasize how critical it is to keep your household's system up to date. This also means that you shouldn't wait for an issue to emerge before acting.

Troubleshooting and Replacing Breaker Panels

Troubleshooting and Replacing Electrical Panel - before photo

The breaker panel is an excellent example. Circuit breakers mounted in the breaker panel protect all electrical equipment and wiring. The circuit breakers trip to shut off power to overloaded circuits and shorts, protecting you from possible fires. Panel protects the main power connection line and distributes the power to the rest of the house safely through properly sized circuit breakers. 

Troubleshooting and Replacing Breaker Panels

Troubleshooting and Replacing Electrical Panel - after photo

All electrical work, including the installation of the breaker panel, must follow industry standards and regulations. As a result, it is critical to have it installed by a professional, as even a minor error might have disastrous consequences.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Residential Electrical

When should I call an electrician?

There are multiple occasions when you need residential electrical assistance, from often replacing fuses to flickering lights in your home. We can’t stress enough the importance of consulting with certified electricians in case you have any electrical-related queries.

Why should I use LED lights?

Yes, you should Go Green. Not just that they last longer and are more efficient, but LED lights are also saving our environment as they do not contain any harmful chemicals that would need a special disposal process.

What does GFCI stand for?

GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are a very important part of the installation as they are created to protect against possible shock when plugged objects come into touch with water. They are almost essential in rooms that produce moisture of any kind.

What are the most common electrical issues?

Some of the most common electrical issues are blinking or dimmed lights, non-working outlets or light switches, tripped circuit breakers, overheating, and shock.

Do I need to call a professional or can I try to fix an electrical issue?

Poor electrical work can even cause an fire. So for the sake of your safety, as well as the safety of your home and family members, it is extremely important to have a professional fix these issues.

Check what our clients say about us

Dave Arkell is a true professional. Not only did his team help to update my home but he found some important safety equipment (smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors) that needed replacing. Overall, he was personable, full of good ideas about installing a home generator, and answered all my questions during his visit. I would recommend Dave to anybody who asks me for a reliable electrician.

 Reagan Pflug

I had a great experience with Dave of Knightwind.  I had 3 light fixtures that I wanted to replace. He gave me an excellent price. He had to spend some extra time on one of the original fixtures that were not installed to code.
I am thrilled with my bright rooms and I would recommend Knightwind to anyone looking for a reliable, and expert. Thanks, Dave!

Leslie Cardwell

David came within an hour and was able to fix problems with power loss in my house. His service and value went above and beyond, pointing out other concerns professionally, and even recommended other contractors for plumbing services I was interested in.

Andres De Zamacona

Dave Arkell did an excellent job. He arrived on time and was very professional. Did a little extra as this was a complicated installation, but he stuck to his estimate. He even advised solutions for Aluminum/Copper connections.
Thanks, Dave for all you’ve done. I’ll give you a call when I need your services again.

Dean Ford