July 29


Review Your Inspection Report!

By Dave Arkell

July 29, 2019

90% of the homes I have gone into have had at least one or more fire safety or electrical code violations.
When was the last time you reviewed your home inspection report? Can I speculate that it was before you even moved into your home? Were all the electrical deficiencies taken care of?
If you have been in your home for more than 5 years, there could possibly be more issues as the home has aged.
As a Professional Master Electrician, I am able to help you understand and rectify the possible dangers in your home.
Give me a call and I can review your inspection report, check your home for deficiencies and show you ways to make your home safer for you and your family.
I’m Dave with Knightwind Electrical and We Can Re-Energize Your Castle.

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Dave Arkell

About the author

David Arkell was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. As an active traveller, home owner, and family man, Knightwind Owner and Professional Electrical Contractor David Arkell, understands the concerns you have in keeping your home safe, comfortable, and updated at reasonable costs.

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