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Increase the functionality of your kitchen

Making your kitchen more functional has never been easier than it is today. With WiFi enabled lighting controls and modular power system components, the possibilities are endless. Under cabinet lighting is a great way to add more light to your kitchen. There are four types to consider for your space: Light Strips, Puck Lights, Rope Lights and Tape lights.

“There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures.”
James Thurber – author, humorist, cartoonist

Designing your kitchen with the different types of fixtures.

With all the options out there for lighting up your kitchen, it can seem like a daunting task to create the kitchen that you want.  First, determine the layout of your kitchen and where you think you would want extra light.  Second, the colour temperature of your lights should suit the mood you want to create for your kitchen.  A bright and bold kitchen would require up to 4000K (cool white) lighting and a more laid back feel would require a lower temperature such as 2700-3000K(warm white).  Next, take into consideration of the colour of your cabinets and countertops.  Darker kitchens will require more lumens to have the same impact of lighter coloured kitchen.  Reflections from glossy countertops may cause glare and requires directional lighting to combat the glare.  Dimmers and motion sensors will customize your lighting to your specifications.  Different fixtures add to your style and show others your personality.

Eliminate clutter using a modular power system.

Modular power systems allow your kitchen to have power outlets and charging station anywhere you choose.  These systems are fully customizable to work with any layout.  Add accessories that can charge your USB devices or create a portable entertainment center with a tablet that won’t take up any counter space.  Another way to eliminate clutter may be to install a pop-out outlet places where you don’t use the outlet very often.  It looks like a blank plate until you press it and viola, an outlet to plug into.

Re-energize your castle, by booking a consultation appointment with me now.



Re-energize your castle, by booking a consultation appointment with me now.

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