Increase Electrical Power

Increase electrical power in your home in Calgary

Our homes must be ready for the modern age that we live in.

We must all be prepared to join the race because technology is advancing quickly in every part of our life. To name a few, we need to be ready with hot tubs, chargers for electric automobiles, and all the other kitchen and bathroom appliances. Our living spaces must be prepared to accept all new appliances that will require more electrical power to operate. The electrical systems in our homes must be prepared for it, as anything less might result in major problems, from circuit breakers blowing to the worst-case scenario of a fire.

Upgrade electrical power in your home

You should be aware of how important a job is and that you will need to employ a professional if you are renovating your home or have just decided to improve your electrical system because your current one cannot handle your needs. Knightwind Electrical has great knowledge in that area thanks to the countless home installs we've completed, whether they involved upgrading your breaker box, adding an extra circuit to give your house more power, or performing an entirely new installation. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to put outlets where you need them and prepare your property for future events, which will make your home more practical.

There are several processes involved in increasing electrical power. First, we must get extra power from the utility to our home, which necessitates an upgrade to your electrical panel. As a result, we will have extra electrical power available for usage in the house as needed. It's also crucial to connect more circuits so we can safely distribute electricity throughout the house.
Additionally, bear in mind that all of this work may require upgrading your electrical wiring, including your connections and outlets.


How to Choose a Residential Electrician for your needs?

Before you pick and call certain electrician companies to do your residential electricity work, 
there are few factors that you might want to check.  

  • Reliability. You want to make sure that the company you hire is performing consistently well. 
  • Testimonials. Testimonials are there to give you a feel for the experiences of people who have used the services. 
  • Practical experience. The residential electrical expert you select should have a lot of expertise working in people's homes. 
  • Quality. You want your electrical work to be done correctly ensuring your home is safe while using electricity or electrical appliances.  
  • License or certificate. It's crucial to double-check an electrician's credentials before employing them. 

Upgrade your electrical panel

Upgrade electrical panel in Calgary

It is crucial to upgrade your electrical panel since it will not only make your home safer and solve any problems that might arise, but it will also enable you to use more appliances and connect ones that consume a lot of electricity.

Homeowners frequently ignore electrical panels, even though this is one of the facts we should check before we begin updating or adding new appliances to the house. Remember that if you install new appliances that use more electricity and your panel is not sized appropriately, you could run into significant issues. It's crucial to respond quickly and hire a licenced residential electrician to inspect your house and offer recommendations for the following measures.

More electrical energy from the utility and the addition of a new circuit is typically needed to increase the power in your home. This will not only provide you peace of mind but also give you the freedom to upgrade your home appliances and even modify the interior décor as you please. Additionally, you can be sure that the new electrical panel will increase the cost of your property if you decide to sell it.

Getting an electric car

Electrical car charging at your home in Calgary

Electric cars are becoming more and more common as time passes, and they will undoubtedly replace conventionally powered vehicles in the future. Electric cars have several benefits, ranging from low fuel costs and minimal environmental impact to the ease of being able to charge them at home.

The main query, then is: Can I charge an electric car at home? Yes, you can, but only if your house is equipped with an electrical system that can handle a large amount of power required to charge a car. With the help of a licenced electrician, power can be drawn directly from a utility source, enabling you to charge your automobile in your garage.

Therefore, if you currently own an electric car or plan to do so in the future, you must evaluate and make preparations for this in your home. The age of electric vehicles is upon us, ready or not.

Adding a hot tub

Hot Tub electrical install in Calgary

Why don't we use our home SPA to enjoy some well-deserved rest? Although you already have the ideal location in your yard where you want to put your hot tub and spend time with your family, you soon learn that you need to meet some specific electrical requirements for that.

Since the majority of hot tubs operate on 220 V, you can't simply plug them into an outlet. You must work with a certified electrician to run the necessary cabling from the utility box to your hot tub. This will secure your home's electrical system and enable you to unwind and take pleasure in your spa moments.

New Air Conditioning system

Air Conditioner electrical install in Calgary

Older homes electrical systems were not designed to sustain all the appliances, TVs, laptops, and other devices that are connected simultaneously in today's homes. If your breaker box makes noises or if your breakers frequently shut off circuits, your electrical system is likely overloaded and you require professional electrical assistance.

The air conditioning system is one of the most crucial components of our house since it provides us with a clean atmosphere in which to live, but it also consumes a lot of electricity. Before purchasing any large appliances, such as an air conditioner, it is important to determine how much electrical power your home needs because doing so will prevent unneeded circuit breaks or overloads.

Before deciding to upgrade your AC system, make sure to consult with electrical experts for an assessment and recommendations.

What should you know about electrical panels?

Your electrical panel is wired up and receiving power from the utility company. If the system gets overloaded, the main breaker panel switches the electricity on or off in each branch circuit within the home. All electrical panels should be updated roughly every 20 years, and if you reside in an older home that still has a fuse box, it is strongly advised that you switch to circuit breakers for your safety. 

Additionally, you should carefully consider getting a new electrical panel if you see lights flickering, a burnt smell coming from your electrical outlets, frequent circuit breaker trips, or a significant increase in the number of your electric gadgets and devices.

When we talk about upgrading your panel, keep in mind that a smaller home with minimal electrical usage typically has enough power with 100-amp service. Currently, 200-amp service is required in newly constructed homes since it can accommodate all modern equipment.

Electrical panel in Calgary

Electrical panel replacements typically take one day to complete and occasionally call for a utility company permit due to the need to shut off the power while we operate on them. To ensure that all processes and regulations are followed, it is essential to understand that this type of work must be completed by a licenced professional, like those here at Knightwind Electrical.

FAQ's about Increasing Electrical Power in your home

Can you increase electrical power?

Your amperage should meet or surpass the requirements for the home. (For instance, a 100-amp service shouldn't be using 200 amps.) Power can be distributed more effectively throughout your home by installing a subpanel or adding a new circuit breaker.

How do you increase amperage?

First, ensure that all the cabling and circuitry can withstand a higher amperage of electricity to boost amperage. If your circuit uses resistors, you can enhance amperage by replacing the current resistor with one that has a lower rating to reduce resistance. You can use a 4-ohm resistor for your existing 6-ohm resistor. The circuit's amperage can be increased by lowering the resistance while maintaining the same voltage.

Are 200 amps enough for a house?

The current requirement for new residences and service panels is a 200-amp service. A typical family house can provide all of the standard electrical needs, but it might not be able to sustain a sizable electric heating system. Larger service capacities of 250 amps or more may be required in large residences, especially if the house has electric heating.

What is the difference between a 100 amp and a 200 amp panel?

Compared to 200 AMP panels, 100 AMP panels are smaller. Larger 200 AMP panels provide more space for expansion and can accommodate additional circuits. Additionally, 200 AMP panels cost a little extra.

How many circuits can be on a 200 amp panel?

An electrical panel's design restricts how many circuits and breakers you can add to it. Most 200 amp panels contain 40 breaker slots, although tandem breakers can accommodate more circuits.

Can a house have two electrical panels?

There can be multiple installed breaker panels in the house. A sub-panel, also known as the secondary breaker box, is used to divide the load across the building's various regions. Additionally, it can be utilized to electrically separate one area of the building from another.

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Neighbours recently used Knightwind for some work in their home and spoke very highly of the quality of Dave's work and the outcome. When we recently had an electrical problem, we contacted Dave for his help and assistance. He asked a few pertinent questions and quickly identified the most likely cause as something we could fix ourselves and told us what and how to do to it - proved to be a correct, quick and easy fix. Problem solved! He invited us to call back if the problem wasn't corrected, at which time he’d come out to look into it further. Very impressed with Dave’s Customer Service and Knightwind will be our contractor of choice for future electrical needs. Thanks for your quick and accurate help, Dave!

 S. Murray

Knightwind Electrical (Dave and Francisco) provided excellent professional service in resolving my electrical problem - underground ground fault. The work included arranging power disconnection and reconnection with ENMAX, hydro vac service for trenching, laying a new underground power supply line and inspection. I would strongly recommend you to contact Dave to discuss your electrical needs

Richard Vigrass

Dave is much more than a contractor, he is a partner, has excellent execution, sticks to agreed timelines and performs his work with extremely high quality and care. He helped me with MANY things and is my go-to guy for any electrical matter! Keep it up, Dave!!! 

Andre Cassino

Dave was able to fix lighting failures in my house before I listed my home. He knew what lightbulbs would work, replaced high stairway chandelier lights, explained how my motion sensor light works and installed new pendant lighting in the kitchen. It is quite evident that he has years of experience as an electrician.

Kathryn D