Make your bathroom sparkle

Bathroom lights

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Be sure to show off your most attractive qualities.

The one fixture above your sink isn't enough to really make your bathroom colour scheme pop. Extra downlights and some undercabinet lighting can really bring out the colours of your walls and show off your fancy towels. Adequate lighting will help you look your best when getting ready for that special night out.

Protect your investment

If your mirror is fogging up when you have a shower, then it is time to upgrade your bath fan. Most older homes have a bathroom fan that is too small to remove all the moisture created in your bathroom.  Effective moisture removal is a must to defend against unsightly water stains and mold in your bathroom. Give your investment the protection it deserves.

More power may be the answer

When your outlet in your bathroom keeps tripping the breaker and you need to dry or curl your hair, a power upgrade or extra outlet will solve your woes.  Installing a jetted walk-in tub for your aging parents requires a dedicated circuit to power the heater and air pumps.  Older bathrooms do not have the power requirements for todays lifestyles.