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Where to find a licensed Professional Electrical Contractor in Alberta

By Dave Arkell

February 11, 2021

There are many reasons why you might need an electrician.  Some of you are doing a renovation and would like to hire your own electrician.  Some of you may want to increase or update the amount of lighting in your home.  And some of you may want an electrician at your disposal in the event of an electrical emergency.

So, where can you find an electrician?  You could ask your brother-in-law who has done some electrical work in his home 3 years ago.  Or, maybe check the local Kijiji and hire a guy who does electrical  jobs on the side.    I do not recommend either of these options. 

Your best bet is to hire a licensed and qualified electrician who knows the current code rules and installation practices.  It's also important that your electrician has liability insurance to protect  your property.  The guy from Kijiji who says he can do it for less likely isn't going to have his proper licenses and insurance in place.

The Professional Electrical Contractor (P.E.C) program in Alberta ensures electricians follow a higher set of standards and ethics.  P.E.C.'s are required to do training , education and volunteer work to maintain the provincially accredited designation. 

When you are doing virtually any kind of electrical work, a permit is required.  A P.E.C. will secure that permit for you, and the work will be done in a safe and professional manner.  You can be confident that your installation will pass all inspections and will be certified by the local authorities.  Any deficiencies would be rectified in due course.

Some websites that will help in your search for a licensed Professional Electrical Contractor in Alberta:

Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta ECAA

Professional Electrical Contractors (pecprogram.ca)

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Dave Arkell

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David Arkell was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. As an active traveller, home owner, and family man, Knightwind Owner and Professional Electrical Contractor David Arkell, understands the concerns you have in keeping your home safe, comfortable, and updated at reasonable costs.

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