About Company

Knightwind Electrical Contracting Inc. is a professional subcontracting company that provides quality electrical installation and renovation services to local small businesses and homeowners. Knightwind Electrical Contracting Inc. provides customers with electrical services that are completed in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

We provide prompt service to clients and will install the latest energy efficient products that will enhance your living or work space as well as reduce your energy costs.  We pride ourselves on being punctual and attentive to what our clients require.  

We have over ten years’ experience as a journeyman in the Calgary area.  Mr. David Arkell have obtained a Certified Master Electrician Certificate in the Province of Alberta. Also, Mr. David Arkell is a City of Calgary Qualified Tradesman.  

One goal is to increase the value of your home and use newer technologies to enhance your living or office space.  We can advise you on ways to improve your home or office with more efficient lighting fixtures and/or dimmer switches.

Another goal is to make sure that your home is safe for you and your family.  We do this by making sure that your smoke alarms and other devices haven’t expired and are working properly.

About Me

Finding a certified electrician that you would trust to bring into your home can be a daunting endeavour. Knightwind Electrical works with clients on projects ranging from small renovations around the house, converting current electrical systems to green energy, or adding the latest technology to homes or small businesses. With Knightwind, knowledgeable and friendly electricians will upgrade your home using code-compliant methods and materials.

As an active traveler, home owner, and family man, Knightwind Owner and Professional Electrical Contractor David Arkell, understands the concerns you have in keeping your home safe, comfortable, and updated at reasonable costs. For estimates on projects and advice on electrical installations, contact Dave  directly at 403.808.2596. Let’s get your project started!

David Arkell

David Arkell was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta.  David moved to the Lower Mainland in British Columbia in 1986 and graduated from New Westminster High School in 1987 with a strong interest in Electronics.  David started in the electrical trade in 1990 and continued until 1993.  At that time, David decided to take a Marketing Diploma program and graduated in 1994.  David then moved back to Calgary to be closer to family in 1996.