August 3


Go Green

By Dave Arkell

August 3, 2016

The Shift Towards Greener Technology

In Alberta, and around the world, governments and citizens are moving towards developing products that have a smaller carbon footprint than their predecessors. One industry that is leading the way is LED lighting. There has been significant improvements in LED lighting for both residential and commercial applications. Currently, in most commercial environments, fluorescent tube fixtures dominate the office landscape. They are cheap to install and maintain. However, they contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment and need special consideration when being disposed of. Also, the ballasts required for operation use energy that isn

Dave Arkell

About the author

David Arkell was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. As an active traveller, home owner, and family man, Knightwind Owner and Professional Electrical Contractor David Arkell, understands the concerns you have in keeping your home safe, comfortable, and updated at reasonable costs.

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